Food As Medicine

  • Adaptogenic Stew

  • Immune Boosting Chocolate Almond Butter Balls

  • Delicious and Creamy Homemade Almond Milk

A New Leaf

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    Friendly Fire, Beautiful Fire

    . Something beyond beautiful is going on. It has my heart singing and I’m feeling so optimistic. The crispness of the fall air and the convergence with the last of the farm and garden bounty is upon us. Peppers are popping up everywhere and the roots are just about ready […]

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  • Ten Great Talks for People who Have Lyme, That Have Nothing to do with Lyme

    . “It is a surprising and memorable, as well as valuable experience, to be lost in the woods any time. Often in a snow-storm, even by day, one will come out upon a well-known road and yet find it impossible to tell which way leads to the village. Though he […]

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