Immune Boosting Soup for a Cold Winter Day

by heather in Adaptogen Immune Stimulant Recipe at January 8, 2014
Adaptogenic and Immune Boosting Soup
Adaptogenic and Immune Boosting Soup

Adaptogenic and Immune Boosting Soup

It’s taken me some time to warm up to the idea of soup. Well, when I grew up on condensed soup in a red and white can, how can you blame me. Now that nourishing myself and my family is a priority and I have the tools in order to accomplish that goal, I’ve enjoyed making and eating soup. Plus, when your soup is hearty, delicious and made in the slow cooker the whole family wins! Wait, there’s more! It’s also medicine! Adding a packet of adaptogenic and immune boosting herbs to the soup as it bubbles away all day is a simple and easy way to ensure everyone who eats it is prepared for the winter on all fronts.

Recipe coming soon.

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